We consciously build our resources & capabilities to be highly flexible, globally mobile & rigorous in execution. We are unique, because:

We are selective and only work with people we like, or upon recommendation by people we trust. We only accept a limited amount of mandates, and spend the rest of our time to sharpen our minds & recharge.

We get things done in an ex ante agreed timeframe and don’t try to sell a maximum of billable hours. According to our clients’ preferences, we bill fair daily rates, always fully transparent to our clients.

We consciously focus on Family Firms / Offices, because we believe that they are quicker in taking decisions, less bureaucratic and stricter in achieving their goals – just like we are.

Strategic Succession

We trustfully advise our clients on the generational transition from „Senior“ generations to the „Next Generation“ leaders.

We listen, structure, strategize and jointly elaborate swift succession plans and processes. Upon request, we assist in the execution of the subsequent key projects and boards.

Hence, we assure balance and stability in business families and their portfolios, providing the base for continued long-term growth, entrepreneurship and family prosperity.

Optimal Offices

We guide our clients in the processes of establishing or restructuring their Family Offices as “stable bridges” to connect Generations, protect assets and nurture a Spirit of Entrepreneurship for „Next Generation“ leaders.

We carefully moderate strategic owning family discussions to distill the true essence of the Family Office’s future role, help custom-design the organization and its monitoring systems, or restructure existing ones, and support the implementation of world-class processes, office supervisory structures and teams. Upon request, we assist in the establishment of networks to great talent and other Family Offices globally, as well as access to hidden opportunities and the creation of family-to-family partnerships. In a market where there is too much noise about the Family Office term, we know what it really means and how it is built best, for each individual Family.

Hence, we custom-build and thoroughly implement the often invisible Family Office structures that make families strive over decades and generations, even beyond the operational businesses of a Founders’ Generation.

Portfolio Performance

We assist business families and their vehicles (holding companies, family offices) to define and reach the envisioned portfolio performance across all assets and over the long-term. Thus, we help protect wealth across generations and assure continued growth.

Here, we leverage our deep understanding of ownership dynamics, our entrepreneurial expertise and our investors mind to turn long-term (owner) strategy into true wealth creation and protection in increasingly disruptive environments.

We act as the strategy and portfolio office behind the owners, always putting their interest and succession plans first, and act on their behalf as owner’s representatives in hand-selected cases.

Insightful Investment

We assist business families in controlling current investments and advise them on upcoming opportunities at home & abroad.

We serve as sparring partners, special envoys or co-negotiators for new engagements or spin-offs, and assure that their portfolio strategies have the envisioned, valuable impact and return.

Here, we serve as long-term partners to a few selected clients.

Intelligent Innovation

We advise in the creation and growth of new ventures of Next Generation members & new business divisions for existing family businesses. This can be in new markets, new fields of technology, or a combination of both.

Here, we leverage our research center, our international mindset, our global network, and our investor mind to assure that ideas turn into profitable businesses.

Excellent Execution

We support owning families to assure excellent execution in key projects that assure and advance value, cash and impact creation in key assets of their portfolios and philanthropic activities.

We analyze and jointly elaborate strategies and improvement opportunities in existing and new companies and projects. Together with the owners, and as owners’ representatives, we then assist in assuring that the laid out plans are swiftly executed on target and always aligned with the owners’ overall goals.

This adds to the foundation for long-term prosperity and impact.