At the Courage Center, we rigorously research upcoming business family challenges and provide cutting-edge insight and thought leadership on future strategies.

At the Courage Institute, we combine the world’s leading thinkers, practitioners and educators on family business topics to educate business families and their service providers.

At Courage Partners, we advise business families in mature and emerging markets on all aspects of being a future-proof business family – from strategic succession and portfolio performance to excellent execution, insightful investments and intelligent innovation. We always put the “Family First”, but have a deep understanding of all related business aspects too, with the capability to shape them according to the family’s long-term goals.

courage center
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Educate. Empower.

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Courage Partners

Courage Partners is a collaborative of highly entrepreneurial, hand-selected individuals with over 100 years of experience from multinational family-controlled businesses, family holding companies / offices, and globally leading universities.

We spent 15 years on building this globally mobile & highly trusted high performance team. We combine highly educated family business experts and experienced senior executives, all with a deeply entrepreneurial mindset and passion for business families.

Our team is complemented by a worldwide network of world-class practise experts, in all fields adjacent to our core services. We are particularly well connected in South-East Asia, Latin America and the D-A-CH region.

Courage Institute

At the Courage Institute, we bring together the world’s leading thinkers and educators on business family topics, and provide custom-made education programs for business families, family business executives and universities that lack own family business institutes, always in unique learning environments and in a spirit of genuine knowledge sharing and support. Visit:

Courage Center

The Courage Center of Global Family Firms was established in 2011 to create cutting-edge knowledge for business families. The research projects are fully funded by Courage, to assure a Thought Leader position in the industry.

The Center represents a unique approach to Knowledge Creation for business families and their assets: Real-life knowledge of family stability & dynamics is combined with deep expertise and academic rigor to provide new insights regarding new business creation, portfolio performance and long-term survival of family offices, operational family businesses, equity investments, financial portfolios and family foundations.

The Center has contributed cutting-edge research in the domains of Global Entrepreneurship. Examples of the Center’s knowledge creation are: The book Bergfeld (2009): “Global Innovation Leadership – the strategic development of worldwide innovation competence”, a Best Poster Presentation Award at the Family Enterprise Research Conference 2011 in Grand Rapids / USA for the paper Bergfeld (2011): “Dynamic Dynasties: How Germany‘s high-performance Family Firms leverage business opportunities along technology lifecycles”, the Academy of Management Conference presentation on “Longevity”.

The Center educates and connects approx. 1,000 business family members and executives per year by hosting education seminars, conferences and roundtable discussions in Europe, Latin America and Asia, for example the „Cumbre de Empresas Familiares“ a leading business summit with approx. 500 participants in Latin America.

Courage Values

We are driven by the values represented in our slogan „Future. Family. Firms.“ We put „Family First“ through our loyalty and empathy, and secure the Future of the Family Firms through performance in our projects.

We believe that loyalty and integrity are the base for successful companies and healthy relationships, and are therefore at the core of our business. At Courage we serve our clients, and only them in their interests, in a loyal, truthful and always constructive manner.

We strive to be deeply empathic to our clients needs and goals. Based on such deep understanding of what truly matters to them and combined with full dedication and elegant refinement, we find creative solutions others might not see.

Our work is driven by an alchemy of creative entrepreneurship, hard work, and rigorous execution to courageously move forward for our clients. Ultimately, our clients hold us accountable for their future wellbeing and measure us on the basis of real outcomes, returning us their trust and continued collaboration, based on our performance.