Courage Values.

Loyalty, Integrity, Leadership

We believe that integrity is the base for successful companies and healthy relationships, and are therefore the core of our business. At Courage we speak the truth openly and in a constructive manner. We aspire to embody the highest standards of ethics, both at work and in our personal lives.

Our clients and everyone at Courage is a leader. In our team, everybody is responsible for their unique contribution toward the success of each other and the Mission. As a team (we call it “Crew”) we stand by eachothers’ side and create mutual success and a joint legacy, together. By taking responsibility for our actions, we maintain a sense of humility and seek to build trust amongst eachother and with our clients. We share credit when we meet with success and support each other when challenges arise.

Empathy, Dedication, Elegance

We strive to be deeply empathic to our clients’ and partners’ needs and goals. Based on such deep understanding for what makes them and us tick, we find creative solutions that others might not see. We seek to be the best we can be, both in terms of what we do and who we are, knowing that our character, dedication and refinement will determine our success at work and in life.

Creativity, Rigor, Performance

The creation and protection of businesses and wealth starts with the right ideas, and requires disciplined implementation. Our work is driven by an alchemy of creative entrepreneurship, hard work, and rigorous execution to move forward courageously for our clients. Ultimately, our clients hold us accountable, for their future wellbeing and measure us on the basis of real outcomes, not merely clever arguments or intentions, returning us their trust and continued collaboration, based on our performance.

Respect, Kindness, Openness

We like to be on good terms with all people we meet, respect their points of view and cultures, and generally treat people with kindness. We are open and helpful. This has empowered us to be exceptionally well connected and lets us enjoy the human interactions in everything we do.